The anaerobic digestion system at Stonyvale Farm is owned and operated by Exeter Agri-Energy (EAE), a subsidiary of Stonyvale, Inc. Biogas Energy Partners (BEP) is the development firm and asset manager accountable for the companies’ general business activities. In simpler terms, EAE handles all day-to-day facility operations on the ground, while BEP is responsible for strategic advice and execution across the full spectrum of economic, political and regulatory challenges that face any successfully permitted biogas plant.

EAE and BEP, as well as the Stonyvale partners, work in close collaboration. The aggregate skills that these organizations collectively leverage distinguish their cooperative business model. The EAE, BEP and Stonyvale management teams feature well-educated leaders who have documented histories of solid achievement.

Exeter Agri-Energy

John Wintle, Project & Facilities Manager

John Wintle holds a degree in Bio-Resource Engineering Technology with an MBA from the University of Maine, as well as additional, substantial and specialized training in all systems crucial to the operation of anaerobic digestion systems and heat and power generation. His career has been distinguished by extensive experience in modern manufacturing facilities, and a hard-earned reputation for optimum results, meeting deadlines, quality outcomes and workplace safety. Key competencies include reliability engineering, mechanical power transmission, fluid power systems, electrical power systems, centrifugal power systems and metal fabrication. In short, John Wintle ensures that all systems related to the anaerobic digestion process work as smoothly as possible.

Biogas Energy Partners

Adam Wintle, Managing Partner

Adam Wintle holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maine, and has built an impressive career in the last decade as a development consultant and entrepreneur. Prior to his key leadership role in the launch of Biogas Energy Partners and Exeter Agri-Energy, Wintle was the founding principal of Strategic Equity Analytics (, a financial services firm that helps clients with strategic financial analysis and investment placement support, in a variety of commercial real estate and business transactions. Wintle also has diverse prior experience in the commercial real estate industry, working in the acquisition, development and financing of large-scale, multi-million dollar projects in Maine, Colorado, Wyoming and Ohio. His experience in every aspect of complex financial and development deals serves Biogas Energy Partners very well.