The anaerobic digestion system at Stonyvale Farm is a closed loop, resulting in zero waste and extremely low environmental impact.

The Products

  • Energy. Currently our generator produces enough heat every day to replace 700 gallons of heating oil, and 22,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. On an annual basis, that’s enough energy to heat 300 New England homes and enough to power as many as 800 households. Future expansion will likely increase our energy production significantly, which will be available for purchase.
  • Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). This “virtual” product results from EAE’s generation of renewable energy. A REC is a tradable, non-tangible energy commodity sold in the United States. Each REC we sell represents proof that we have generated 1-megawatt hour of renewable energy. Initially, we expect to produce and market approximately 8,000 Class 1 RECs annually.
  • Animal Bedding/Soil Enhancer. During biogas production, the effluent stream, or digestate, passes through a bioseparator, and the solid fraction of the material is removed. The result is organic soil enhancement material, and clean, recycled animal bedding. Studies have shown that cows bedded on recycled solids are actually healthier than those bedded on other organic materials.
  • Liquid Fertilizer. After the digestate passes through the bioseparator and solids are removed, a virtually odorless liquid bi-product remains. Currently EAE directs this product to Stonyvale Farm, which uses the material as liquid fertilizer on local farmlands, in the traditional fashion. The fertilizer retains all important nutrients, but is relatively odor free — an improvement that farm neighbors certainly appreciate. Other applications for this nutrient rich liquid are feasible for permitted buyers seeking a commercial fertilizer replacement.

If you are interested and permitted to buy energy, organic soil enhancement material, renewable energy certificates, clean animal bedding, or liquid fertilizer contact us.